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Sweet Dreams~ Chapter One

Title: Sweet Dreams

Rating: R/NC-17 (for sexual situations and language)

Pairing: J/K

Spoilers: Some here and there for the past seasons, but nothing so specific I think.

Summary: Karen suffers from extremely erotic dreams and is soon plunged into a deep depression. Jack, as her best friend, does his best to help her. What will happen when he realizes the reason for her pain is himself?

Reviews are greatly wanted and needed since this will be a more then one chapter story!

Disclaimer: I don't own Will and Grace or it's characters. The story title is kinda taken from the song by the same name from the Eurythmics. The subtitle of this chapter title is a lyric from I'm So Tired by the Beatles.

Unending Torture
‘My mind is set on you…’

        She knew those hands so well and they were there again, caressing her back and her bare arms. She shivered in pleasure as the hands pulled down the sheet that was around her body. “Wait,” she whispered as she was then turned over.

        “I can’t, I have to have you now,” the voice belonging to those two magical hands murmured huskily.

        “Why me?” she asked, allowing the person to lift her up. She licked her lips lightly in anticipation as the hands then wandered down to the apex of her legs. Trembling slightly in expectation, she spread her legs slightly, hoping the person wouldn’t tease her or draw this out for too long.

        “You’re amazing,” the person said, kneeling at her feet. Taking her left foot, he gently rubbed his hands over the bottom of it. When he heard her light moans, a smile appeared upon his face. “Enjoying that?”

        “Mmm,” she moaned loudly. Arching her back, she clutched at the silk sheets beneath her, feeling warmth between her legs. “I-I am liking this,” she stammered slightly after a while. “But please, please move.”

        “Which direction?” he asked teasingly as he put down her foot.

        “Up, please,” she said, warmth and love rush through her body for him. “And hurry, I want us to make love.”

        “We will,” he said soothingly. “But I feel the need to take my time.”

        “You said earlier you needed me now,” she whined.

        “I did, but now that I’m here with you… I can wait a little longer,” he said, his voice become low again. Gently, he lowered his head and kissed the inside of her legs, starting out at the ankles. He took his time, moving from the right leg to the left and kissing her skin as sweetly as he could. Soon after he started, a light sheen of sweat had broken out on her body. With a quick glance upward, he then kissed the area of skin next to her knee.

        Laying back and enjoying his ministrations, she was suddenly taken aback when she felt his teeth biting down on her skin. “Oh god!” she cried out. She moaned and turned her head from side to side as he nibbled and licked his way up the inside of her thigh. “You’re so good,” she mumbled, a little incoherently. “Keep going, keep going.”

        “What if I want to move here?” he asked, going to her sex. He didn’t wait for her answer, pushing his head forward and flicking his tongue out, collecting the wetness that had accumulated there. When he heard a light scream above him, he pulled back to look into her face.

        “You didn’t need to get up!” she cried in frustration, her cheeks red.

        “Just one thing before I go back,” he said with a little smile. He bent his head and easily captured her lips with his own.

        Moaning, she wrapped her arms around his neck and responded to the kiss. It started out slow and tender at first, but soon she was running her lips along his, trying to draw him out. A satisfied gasp escaped the back of her throat while he penetrated her mouth. Her fingers snaked up into his hair as the kiss went on and on, neither one of them caring about breathing.

        Finally, he pulled away, slowly though, staring intently into her eyes. “I love you,” he whispered, stroking his thumb along her cheek.

        “I love you too,” she said softly, biting down on her swollen lower lip. She searched his eyes, wanting to tell him that she meant every word.

        “I know, I know,” he said, smiling reassuringly at her. He moved down then, kissing her neck slowly over and over again while his hand was busy in between her legs, gently stroking her clit.

        “No,” she whispered forcefully. She made him get off of her and she sat up as well. “We’ve done that before, too many times before and I’m sick of it.”

        “Then what do you want?” he asked her, a little startled.

        “Just you and me, together,” she said, wrapping her arms around his neck tightly. She kissed him softly, pulling back and then pressing her lips to his again. “Together,” she whispered as he lay her down and then followed her.

        “Okay,” he said once her back was fully on the mattress. “You’ll love me forever won’t you?”

        “Yes,” she hissed lightly as he pushed a finger into her tight canal. She breathed in deeply, feeling him pump in and out before moving it out. “Now,” she said as they stared at each other intently.

        He didn’t say a word, but he lowered his body to hers, sliding into her as slowly as he possibly could, looking into her eyes. “Alright?” he asked once he was fully inside of her.

        “You ask that all the time,” she said, smiling as her eyes fluttered open and closed. “You know the answer already, just move.”

        Taking a deep breath in, he nodded to her and then started to move, in and out. Slowly at first, he thrust into her, not expressing his pleasure but watching hers as she moaned and writhed a little below him.

        “Please,” she murmured, catching him just staring at her. “You do like this don’t you?”

        “I like you, love you,” he said, correcting himself. “But you’re beautiful, I love watching you.”

        Lifting her legs, she wrapped them around his waist, taking him even deeper inside of her. “Don’t watch now, just move with me,” she said gently. At that point she couldn’t say anything else and she lay back on the mattress, moaning loudly.

        They moved together at that point, slowly feeling their skin slide together, slick with sweat. While they cried out and groaned to each other sometimes, they mostly kept their mouths together, kissing as deeply as they could.

        Panting hard, she arched her back as he continued to thrust, fast and hard now. She wanted to feel them both crashing over the edge together, to feel both herself and him catapulted to some place that was just them; which was how it always was when they made love. Rubbing his back with the palm of her hand, she broke off the kiss that they were in and smiled slightly as he glanced at her questioningly.

        “Love you so much,” he said softly, knowing already what she wanted.

        “Ohh, oh my god,” she started to cry out and she clawed at his back. “I love you!”

        Thrusting hard, he felt like he was going to drop dead, pleasure running through his body as he felt her tightening. He could feel her release around him, and tried not to get off too quickly. “One more,” he said in a begging tone of voice. He wasn’t sure if she heard him or not, but he kept on plunging in and out of her body. A few minutes later, he knew that she’d heard what he had said, and he watched her face contort in pleasure. The feeling of her passage, tight and wet and warm around him sent him over the edge, and the two cried to each other, riding out their waves of complete pleasure.


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I'm really liking this fic. Its interesting. Please post more of it soon. :)