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Title: Amazing Grace
Author: christa
Rating: R/NC-17
Classification: Grace/Karen
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters, NBC does.

There she was, at her desk flask in hand. What has she just done, she ruined her relationship with her best friend. Why couldnt she jsut keep it in and save herself the pain. She knew nothing would come of her leting it out, but she did it anyway despite her best interest. She told Grace she loved her...

Shed always known it, it wasnt as if she was straight, she honestly didnt know what she was, but now with both of them single at the same time what was she suppose to do, it was as if fate was telling her to let it all out.

shed made her disision the night before. Shed spent the evening at Grace's house. Just her and grace. Womens night in you can say, not as fun as the last one though. Grace had just shared so many feelings that night, not about karen ofcourse, but still it made her feel as if grace was close to her. She wanted to blurt it out right there, just yell out "Grace cant you see, im inlove with you" but lets face is she was more then drunk, and grace would have just blown it off anyway, so she held it in, but now the pain of keeping it in was too much. She had to make a move. The next day when she had finally woken up from her drunk sleep she decided this was the day shed tell her, why not it was a nice day karen was in a good mood and it was only 9 so shed be into to work early, well early for karen.

The limo Dropped her off at 10:30. God she was so nervous, she was always so confident, but right now she just want to crawl up with her best friend jack, jack daniels that is. She walked in tall with her head held high and made some comment to grace about how nice she looked today. Grace was taken a bit off gaurd and asked "how many uppers have you popped" karen giggled and tossed her hair, but ugh grace jsut wasnt getting the signals. So she propped her self on Grace's drawing table heaving her chest out jsut a little. Grace wasnt too surprised her breasts are everywhere but she did relize karen look a bit anxious "ok spill it what did you do" grace asked "oh honey do i ahve to do somthing wrong to be nice to you" "umm, yeah!" grace replied. All of a sudden Grace felt karens warm arms fold around her "what the hell are you doing!" grace yelped "jesus honey im hugging you, i can do that you know" "sorry karen but your not usually that affectionate" karen felt a little hurt but she knew it was true "yes but somtimes i can be" Grace still thaught karen was acting a tad bit weird "seriously karen is everything ok, you can tell me anything as much as we joke i really am here for you not matter what" (god karen though if that had only been true.) Then karen let out a little wimper "oh karen, whats wrong are you ok" ugh karen couldnt take it. "grace, promise me no matter what i say youll always be here for me" grace got worried "of course" karen took a deep breath in and out "ok, this is going to be the death of me but, grace i know this may be weird and hard to believe but, oh god i cant believe im doing this... ok ill come out with it i love you, im in love with you".

Right after she said that she knew it was bad. Grace had suddenly let go of her hand. "please dont be mad i know you dont feel the same way but i cant help feeling the way i do" karen said. Grace was dumbstruck, she needed air, she needed somthing "karen, im not mad but i have to go, i have to go now". And now here she was sulking and drinking, a little more drinking. "what the fuck do i do now" she thought out loud, but she couldnt stay any longer she had to go too, somewhere that wouldnt shout grace to her. So ofcourse karen ended up at the bar. "smitty, ive just ruined the best thing i had going in my life, my gracie will never speak to me again" the bar tender had no idea what she was talking about, his name wasnt even smitty it was paul, but he went along with it, "maybe shes a little scared or maybe she thinks it somthing she did to attract you". "heh i can only wish smitty" karen replied "its paul" he said "no its not pauls fault, wait whos paul" "im paul" paul said "oh smitty it isnt your fault". Karen suddenly felt a cold breeze, somone had jsut came in , being the nosey one she is she looked. "oh god" she breathed it was grace. Their eyes connected, then grace went to leave, but karen leaped of the stool and followed her outside. "im sorry" they both said at the same time "no Karen im sorry i shouldnt have left you like that, but well that was just.. well.. um shocking i guess. "i know gracie i knew i shouldnt have said anything but oh i jsut cant keep a lie from you". grace didnt kow what to say so she jsut went with it "karen i know i know i just never expected to hear that from you, i mean i know you and you lesbo tendencys, but loving me, are you sure?" Karen had to tell her how much she loved her " oh god i wish i wasnt but i am, i always have been but we've been in relationships with oter people all the time weve known each other so there was no pressure to come out and say it, but now that were both single i see what i need and its you" she couldnt believe what she had jsut said all the feelings she had, had just come rushing out. "oh karen i just dont know i mean i dont think i feel the same way" karens heart skipped "think?" "im mean i dont, oh god i dont really know what i mean" karen began to shivver "listen we need to talk and im cold, please can we go in my limo" grace agreed considering it was the middle of winter and New York.

They both got in the limo, karen decided she should get rid of driver "um driver rosie was trying to steal some more of my silver, she shold be running around the streets right now looking for the black market to sell it why dont you go look". "ok mam ill get rosie and find a black man at the market" eh close enough karen thought. She looked at grace who wa watching driver hoble away, "gracie please say somthing" "karen im really not mad just i dont know, why me, why not some beautiful rich blonde woman" karen felt bad that grace felt this way "i dont need anymore money, and i do want a beautiful girl, its you" grace had never ever thaught karen could carry on a conversation like this , she had to laugh "me but you always put me down" "oh honey i put all my loved ones down, putting somone down is like giving somone a hug or those cheap paper things you call cards" karen could see grace wanted to know somthing "listen grace im going to be blunt, i want to kiss you, and not like our weird ones weve had before but a real romantic kiss, maybe itll prove me wrong or you wrong, but it sure as hell isnt going to hurt" grace was again dumbstruck, "karen i dont know, here, now?" "oh please weve done it before but this one well mean, or at least i will" there was a pause and karen knew what she had to do, she slowly licked her lips, wrapped her hand around graces neck and plulled her in. Her lips were soft and she could tell she was scared but so was she she had to make grace know how she felt. She slowy suck on her bottom lip caressing it with her tounge. then finally grace replied and started to kiss her back. Karen massaged her hand threw graces firey hair. She knew grace wanted it or was atleast liking it so she slowly moved her tounge along graces gums making gace shiver a bit. Grace then opened her mouth making it aware to karen she did want this, her toung met graces and slowly started to circle it still sucking on graces bottom lip. She had to pull away though she had to know what was running through graces mind. She pulled away, graces lps we red and lucious, karen ran her fingers throughgraces hair one more time "so honey was i wrong?" grace didnt even have to think "you never are".

Karen let a little squeek out and pulled grace on to her. She began to kiss grace more pasionatly letting her tounge explore her mouth. she wanted more though. grace felt karens hand move slowly down her if this had been a guy she would have stopped him but karen, karen made her feel warm. She felt her stop at her skirts wasteban and karen thumb slowly moved in she felt her soft finger massage her waiste gently while her tough caressed her pallet. The warm feeling made grace want to do somthing to karen, and knoing exactly what she wanted grace moved hre hand up karens blouse lying it firmly on karens full breast. Karen pulled out of there kiss and let out a gratifying moan then placed her hand ontop of graces and slowly started to move it slowly around. Grace saw karen bite her lip, then she felt karen grab her ass and pull her up more. she was rapidly kissing graces neck and tugging at her shirt grace sat up and pulled it off and then started to unbutton karens top karen ran her fingers through ehr own hair and licked her lips. grace knew she wanted it. grace kissed her lip, then neck then the top of her chest, karen kneew where this was going to she arched her back making it easy for grace. grace kssed the top of her breast the began to pull the straps off her shoulder, exposing her full breasts, her nipples were pink and erect. She slowly lick and kissed them. Karen then moaned in her ear "please more" she looked at karen who was now rubbing her clit over her pants. grace push karen hand away and began to undo karens pants. She sliped her hand into karens silk panties, bearly grazed karens clit and she heard her gasp. Grace knew she was ready to she began to rub karens slowlen clit. Grace couldnt believe how wet karen was or how went she was getting just by seeing her squirm and moan. she slowly slipped her finger into karen, karen began grinding with graces hand. grace to this as a sing to put another finger in. Karen gapsed "yes, more", she put one more is and karen started to moan and grind more. Grace now wanted more she needed to taste karen, she couldnt believe she felt this way but she did, she kissed karen quickly and hard, and then pulled at her pants throwing them to the other side of them limo, she could see karens creamy skin, making her want her even more. She pulled at her sexy panites, leaving karen completely naked and vounerable. Grace pressed her finger against karens clit again and then bent her head down and kissed her clit, karan tohuh she would cum now if she hd no self control, grace slipped her finger back into karens warm wet pussy and started to lick her clit harder and nubble it. Karen couldnt take it any longer, she began to shake and moan and then she jsut let go. She felt warm fluid let go and she knew she had realy come, she could hardly breath. she panted and said "im sorry i dint know i was going to do that" grace looked at her and started to lick her again karen "oh my i cant cum again my heart will stop honey" grace looked up and smirked. "you taste as good as you look" grace said. karen giggled " i think were having another girls night tonight"

hehe my first fan fic
comment ifya like :)

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