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Sweet Dreams~ Chapter Three

I am sooo sorry for neglecting to update my story at this community, but I have been very busy with writing and school (esp. w/ school, bleh).

Anyways huge thanks to oxopinkpirateox and jellybaby81 for your reviews, I'm so happy to see that you are interested in this (hope I can keep you guys around with my plot :D

Disclaimer: I don't own Will and Grace or it's characters.  The chapter subtitle are lyrics from the song Hi-Hi-Hi by Paul McCartney.



‘We’re gonna get hi hi hi with the music on.
Won’t say bye-bye bye-bye bye-bye bye-bye
’til the night is gone…’


            Eyes fluttering open, she heard someone moving around and quickly became awake; aware of her surroundings.  She turned her head to each side, and saw no one was there.  Not worried at all, she got up and then slipped out of the bed, grabbing her robe.  Once the cool silk was tied around her body, she started walking to the door to see who was there in her home.

            “Where are you going?” a voice said suddenly, making her stop short.

            “Looking for the bastard who’s making all that noise and waking me up,” she replied without turning around, smirking.

            “Well, you’re going in the wrong direction.  You’re not going to find anyone outside this room,” he said.

            “Okay, so then maybe I should just stay in here,” she said, turning around.  “Hmm, I don’t remember letting you here in my room, or my house.”

            “You don’t?” he asked, walking up to her.  “Because I remember everything clearly.”

            “Then tell me; enlighten me,” she said, dodging around him and sitting on the edge of her bed.

            “I don’t know,” he said, pretending to be doubtful.  “You seem pretty angry that I’m here.  Maybe I should go home.”

            “No!” she cried, jumping up and grabbing his arms before he could take a step towards the door.  “Don’t go Jack, I was just teasing you.”

            “So was I Karen,” he said, smiling down at.  He laughed at the relieved look on her face and then tilted her head up so she was looking at him.  “Do you still want me to tell you the story of how I got into your room?”

            “No, what I want is to take a bath,” she said, pulling the cord of her robe.  She pushed it off her shoulders and smiled at the way his eyes roamed her nude form.  “And you should take one with me.”

            “Nah, I’ll sit this one-” he started to say when she reached out and grabbed the waistband of his boxers, the only piece of clothing he had on.

            “You’re not leaving my sight poodle,” she said seductively and licking her lower lip.

            Shuddering in pleasure, he allowed himself to be led into the bathroom and he quickly drew a bath for them while she stood to the side.  “You know you’re really rough Kare,” he said, cutting through the silence of the room.

            “And you don’t like it?” she asked.  She laughed and then walked up to the bath tub, stepping inside even though it wasn’t filled all the way yet.

            “I love it,” he said.  “But I think I should try something.”

            She looked on in surprise as he left the bathroom, surprised that he wanted to take charge this time.  She saw that he had something red in his hands when he walked in, and knew immediately what he wanted.  “You’re not doing this because I like it do you?”

            “No, I want this because I want to dominate you Karebear,” he said, putting the cord from her robe on the side of the tub.  He stepped into the warm water and took his lover into his arms.  “I wanna make you squirm and scream my name.”

            “I always do that though,” she said, wrapping her arms around him.  “Why would this be different?”

            “Because you’ll be screaming louder then you ever have in your life,” he said as he lowered his head to hers.  He captured her lips with his and pressed her close to his body which was as naked as hers now.

            Moaning deep in her throat, she could see how he was going to seduce her in such a way.  She could feel the tip of his erection rubbing at her clit and it was driving her insane.  She had to pull away then, her heart pounding heavily in her chest.  While he was kissing her neck a few minutes later, she saw he was sitting in the tub and she was on his lap.  She tried to take advantage of the position and spread her legs, but was surprised when he stopped her.

            “Baaad Karen,” he murmured, his lips brushing against hers as he spoke.  “You’re not going to move unless I tell you to.”

            “What’ll happen if I do?” she asked, stroking his cheeks lovingly.

            “I’m going to get up, put my clothes on and leave,” he said, spreading her legs with his hand while the other was on her lower back.

            “You wouldn’t,” she said, surprised.

            “Want to try and find out?” he asked, rubbing the inside of her silky thigh, heading upwards.  He smiled when she didn’t answer him, and started to move his hand away from her sex.

            “W-wait,” she said, panting slightly.  “I promise I’ll be a good girl Jack.  I promise.”

            “So I won’t have to leave at all?” he asked, stroking her knee.  When she shook her head, the smile grew wider and with his free hand, reached up to her hair, tangling his fingers there.  “Scream when you want to, but it better be my name that’s leaving your beautiful lips.”

            Quivering in anticipation, she nodded in agreement and then braced herself for whatever he was going to do next.  That preparation didn’t help though, because as soon as she felt his finger tips at her clit, lightly brushing against it, she cried out, barely remembering in time to say his name.  “Please Jack,” she begged after two more light strokes to her clit.

            “Shh, don’t make me punish you,” he said sternly.  He returned to her neck then, feasting on the skin and literally drinking in her essence.

            She had to fight her body then; part of her wanted to take his hand and plunge his fingers deep into her sex.  Luckily she managed to get under control and she sat there, letting him be in charge of everything that happened. 

            “Very good Karen,” he said after five minutes of teasing her nub.  He had her lead back against his arm and spread her legs even wider.  “Very good.”

            “Jack!” she screamed in pleasure as he suddenly thrust two fingers into her.  Her grip on one of his shoulders and arm tightened considerably.  “Move,” she moaned then when his fingers remained still.

            “Quiet,” he said sternly.  “You’re going to say nothing but my name unless I tell you otherwise.”  He smiled when she simply nodded, and then moved his fingers a millimeter inside of her.

            “Jackie!” she moaned loudly.  She wanted to yell at him, tell him to start moving his fingers, but she didn’t want to leave.  “I need him,” she said out loud without realizing it.  “To stay with me, forever.”

            “What did you say?” he asked, surprised that she’d spoken.

            “I-I didn’t say anything Jack,” she said, completely worried now.

            “Did you mean that?” he asked, starting to move his fingers in and out of her passage at a slow pace.

            “Ye-eah,” she answered, gasping while pleasure coursed through her body with each movement.  “Stay here with me, l-live with me honey.”

            “So I can always make love with you?” he asked, reaching up with his thumb and flicking at her clit slightly.

            “Nooo,” she cried, arching her back at the sudden assault of rapture within her.  “I want you to live here, so we can be together besides just making love.”

            “I love you Karen,” he said, not deciding yet.  He pulled his fingers from her body.  Before she could protest, he took her clit into his first finger and thumb and started to rub it gently, almost rolling it around.

            “Ohh, ooh god,” she moaned, feeling something building up inside of her.

            “I told you-” he said when all of a sudden she arched her back up higher then before.

            “Jackie! Jack!” she screamed loudly as her body trembled from her release.  She kept yelling his name until she had calmed down and she leaned against her lover, eyes shut tightly.

            Smiling, he stroked her hair and kissed her forehead, pleased with her response to his touches.  “Time for bed?” he asked teasingly when he heard her breathing become normal.

            “No,” she said, straightening up.  She was going to turn to face him when he stopped her.  “Please honey, I wanna make love with you.”

            He shook his head and was going to reach over to the outside of the tub when he felt a small hand grasp his member.  “Karen!” he hissed in surprise.

            “I know you wanted to be the boss tonight,” she said.  “But this is taking too long and you need me, I can tell.”

            “Yeah, that’s all for you Kare,” he said, his voice getting deeper and huskier as she started to rub her hand up and down him.

            “Will you let me move?” she asked, being as slow as she could.  When he nodded, she smiled a little before she straddled him and then lowered her body.  She led his shaft to her entrance and felt her arousal had returned full blast.  Taking him into her body, slowly, she stared straight into his eyes and saw his love for her plainly in the blue depths.  “I love you,” she whispered.

            “Ah god, I love you too Karen,” he responded.  He felt her skin touching his own and he held on to her hips tightly.  He looked up at her and nodded for her to start.  The first movement up and down caused them both to moan, and then she built up a pace on him.  While she was busy there, he sat back and watched her, loving the way her face would twist in pleasure; the way she bit at her lower lip in pleasure.  His eyes were then drawn to her breasts, and he felt his mouth water; seeing a light sheen of sweat in between them.

            “Take them Jackie,” she said suddenly.

            “How…” he asked, glancing up at her.  He saw that her eyes were slightly open and he sat up quickly.  Without any hesitation or thinking, he brought her mouth down to his and kissed her.  He almost devoured her then, kissing her roughly and as if there was no tomorrow.  When he managed to pull himself away, he didn’t waste a moment to move down to her breasts, kissing the tops of them.

            “Take them!  Take them now!” she begged him.  And when it looked like he wasn’t going to move, she pushed down on his head slightly.  She felt his mouth envelope the nipple of her left breast and she let out a long, drawn out moan.  As his ministrations on her breasts started, she moved up and down hard and fast, squeezing her legs together from time to time.  He would moan when she did that, and she would cry out since she felt the vibrations on the skin of her breasts.

            After a long time, he pulled away and looked up at her, knowing that they were getting near the end.  “Are you getting closer?” he whispered.

            “Y-yes,” she panted, placing her hands flat on his chest as she continued to move.

            “Then come with me Karen, come with me now,” he told her intently.

            With a screech, she managed to do just that and tried to keep her pace as consistent as possible while her orgasm rippled through her roughly.  “JACK!” she cried to him.

            Watching her right before she came, he suddenly wanted to feel both of them going over the edge together.  So he grabbed her hips as firmly as he could and then thrust up roughly into her body.  Each thrust was punctuated by the sound of the water sloshing against the sides of the tub, and soon after she had come, he was soon experiencing his own climax.  “Oh damn K-KARE!” he yelled.  He clutched at her body, feeling his soul becoming entwined with hers as they both achieved their peak of ecstasy.

            The two lovers moved together a little while longer until they stopped, both completely exhausted.   Neither one moved for a long time, just catching their breaths and slowly coming back to Earth after their intense bout of lovemaking.  The room was quiet then, only the sounds of their breathing permeating the silence.

            “I love you,” she said when she was finally able to stir.

            “And I love you very much,” he said quickly.  He stared up at her as she sat up, his member still inside of her, keeping them coupled together intimately.  “Kare,” he whispered gently, taking a strand of her damp hair and twisting it around his finger.

            “Hmm?” she asked, brushing her fingers against his lips.

            “I hope that you’re used to me,” he said.

            “Of course I am,” she said.  A knowing look appeared on her face and she asked him “Does that mean…?”

            “Yep, as soon as we can, we’re mixing our clothes together,” he said.  He smiled in pleasure when she laughed and put his arms around her as she leaned against him.  “Is that okay with you?”

            “Yes, but we won’t need to mix our clothes Jackie,” she said, kissing his forehead.  “There’s another closet for all your stuff.”  Her expression turned serious then and she lowered her head, kissing him deeply and intently as they soon started to make love together again, letting their bodies and souls become bonded together for a second time.

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