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Sadly Dreams Are Not Reality

Title: Sadly Dreams are Not Reality
Rating: NC-17 to be safe
Author: Shelby :)I'm new
Pairing: Debra/Megan
no spoilers
Disclaimer: I don't own any of these charactors NBC does.

Sadly Dreams are not reality
It was already 8:00 and no one was at the bar yet. she knew that no one was asked to get there until 8:30. She sat in the bar area waiting for Debra, Sean or Eric to come done and accompany her. They had all decided to go on vacation together. Debra had suggested that they spend time on her newly bought yacht.
Finally Debra walked in and a smile quickly formed on Megan’s face.. ’’ wow, someone’s looking good tonight’’ Debra said looking her up and down. Her eyes stopped and lingered on her legs. Damn, Debra thought, her legs they are spotless, and so soft like silk. “ what’s the occasion?” Debra asked still her eyes were locked on how beautiful Megan was. “ nothing really” Megan replied, knowing that there really was an occasion. Debra, was the occasion, she loved her. Seeing alone just cut something inside her, she knew that Debra didn’t feel the same way. Megan had decided long ago that something’s were better left unsaid.
Debra gently caressed Megan’s hand leading her over to the outside of her boat. They stopped at the edge of the boat. Megan stared off into the distance of the waves. All the way out to the deck they had never let go of each others hand. Both of them so afraid of being left alone, both still hurt by their past relationships. Debra, still holding Megan’s hand, gently took her other hand and she traced over her fingers. Megan felt an instant warmth as Debra proceeded to do this action. Debra had always had a fascination with Megan, she was so beautiful. She was such a good person, caring and understanding. Her heart ached seeing Megan alone, knowing that she could change that.
Debra’s dream seemed so close in this moment, they were not in a relationship. Sadly dreams are not reality.
Debra slid her hand out of Megan’s, noting how sweaty it must have gotten. Megan didn’t turn her head, she still overlooked the ocean, glimmering from the moonlight, Her eyes stayed in one place, it seemed as if she was staring at something she knew she could never had off in the distance. Debra was staring at Megan thinking those exact thoughts. Megan she thought, the one thing she could never have.
Remember this moment , they both thought. Debra let a tear run down her pale soft cheek. Megan looked up at Debra and saw the tear trickling down her cheek. “ What’s wrong?” Megan asked now looking up at Debra. “ Nothing, everything is perfect.” Debra answered softly, “ then why are you crying Debra?” Megan said breaking away from her. They both stood there parallel to each other. Debra bit her lip trying not to let more tears fall. “ I’m in love you, that’s what’s a matter” Debra said letting the rest of the tears fall. Before Megan had anytime to react Debra ran back into the inside of the boat. “ Debra!”, Megan shouted running after her friend. Debra ran into the bathroom still crying, with Megan chasing after her. Megan entered the bathroom to see Debra curled upon the floor, with her back to the wall. Megan sat on her knees in front of Debra on the tile. Megan couldn’t stand looking at her best friend in this situation. Megan leaned in and wrapped her arms around her friend, Debra brought her hands from her face to reveal a face so lonely and sad, heartbroken and in such pain. Debra cried into Megan’s chest staining her dress with all Debra’s makeup. Debra sat up wiped her eyes, “ I’m so sorry, Meg” Debra said gazing into Megan’s beautiful brown eyes. Debra started to talk again, but was stopped by Megan’s mouth on hers. Megan gently let her tongue slide into Debra’s mouth, this kiss had such passion behind it. For so long they had both dreamed of this moment, this kiss. Debra almost instantly responded to Megan’s kiss by finding Megan’s tongue. Megan broke off from Debra kiss, “ I love you even more than you’ll ever know, Debra”, Megan said letting her tears fall now. Debra hugged Megan pushing her down on the tile floor. Megan tried to lift her self but Debra wouldn’t let her. Debra kissed Megan more intimately this time because e she had started the kiss, and knew it was coming. Debra put her hand on Megan’s hip. Megan put her hands around Debra’s back, never once stopping the kiss. “ You are so hot” Debra said hardly even separating her lips from Megan’s. Debra slid her hand up to Megan’s right breast. Lightly grazing the tip, Megan moaned into Debra’s ear. Debra searched Megan’s back to find the zipper of her dress. Once she had found it, she pulled in down slowly, once again kissing Megan. Debra broke the kiss as she looked down to pull Megan’s dress all the way down her legs. Megan laid on the floor trying to help Debra get her out of the dress. Debra over looked Megan’s perfect body, her skin was so very pale, but damn there was not one blemish. Her curves and her legs so sexy Debra could hardly wait for the main event.
This woman is so incredibly unbelievable. The boat rocked harshly forward, affecting gravity, for Debra to fall on top of Megan, gently thought. Debra moved down to Megan’s neck planting kisses and sucking at her neck. Megan’s white lace bra now in Debra’s view, Megan ran her hands through Debra’s fiery, curly red hair. Debra took her tongue and gently placed it on Megan’s bra clasp that happened to be in the front. All through this time with Megan moaning louder and louder in Debra’s ear, pulling harder at Debra’s hair. Debra used her tongue to unhook Megan’s bra. Finally Debra thought placing her hand lovingly on Megan’s right bare breast. Megan moaned, “Debra!, Oh” as she massaged Megan’s breast sucking at her now hard nipple. ”Oh, Debra , Fuck!”, Megan ,moaned louder tossing her head form side to side. Just then the door opened revealing Eric and Sean, not hearing the noise which was covered up by Megan’s moans. “ Debra, Megan what the fuck are you doing?!”, they both said in stereo. Debra looked up from Megan’s body, “ Shit!”. Debra took her hand and covered Megan’s body as much as she could hoping to erase what the two of them had just seen. Eric and Sean stood in the doorway with their mouths hanging open, waiting for a response.
Eric hit Sean on the arm pulling him out of the bathroom. The two girls looked at each other in shock. “I’ll go talk to them, Megan”, Debra said leaning back down on Megan to kiss her once more before she ran out into the bar to find Sean and Eric. “Wait, Debra, before you go out and explain, do you really love me?”, Megan asked making sure she got the true answer. “Yes, and I think you already knew that, baby”, Debra said grinning at her than winking as she ran out into the bar. Megan got up and put her white lacey bra back on, she hopped back up on the bathroom counter. She turned toward the mirror to discover two huge re marks on her chest. “ I really love her, I hope she knows that.”, Megan said out loud reassuring herself. Meanwhile, Debra spotted the two boys over at the bar, “ Hi”, she said sitting on the stool beside Eric. “ Anything you need to talk about like making out with a woman” he said stressing that she was making out with a woman. “on the bathroom floor, secretly, or was I seeing things?” he asked a bit angry. ‘’ Why are you mad?” she asked getting a bit pissed off at his tone. “why didn’t you just tell me that you had feelings for her?”, he asked almost screaming. Not giving Debra enough time to respond he shook his head. “ What’s your problem, why do you even care, you like Megan don’t you?” Debra quickly stated. “Why Megan?, huh, Why?, you could have had me!”, he screamed at her. Megan appeared from the bathroom , fully clothed. Eric heard the sound of the bathroom door shut, Eric looked angrily over at her. Megan broke off of his stare and felt herself shutter inside. She crossed her arm in front of her chest, using her left hand to cup her other elbow hoping to cover her multiple hickeys on her collar bones. It was too late, Eric had seen the marks, He jolted forward to her in the corner. His face expressed no emotion, but his eyes were glaring at her. She could only feel his eyes, burning a hole through her. As he came closer she turned her head and closed her eyes, hoping that he would stop coming at her. He hit her body with his so hard she collapsed, but could not fall to the floor because his pressure was the only thing holding her up. He leaned his head down watching her struggle to breathe, she was now gasping for air. He came so close to her ear, “ You knew, I only told you, why the fuck would you do this!!” he screamed in her ear, pushing her harder up against the wall, Megan could feel her ribs caving in. Tears were streaming down her face, it was clear that she couldn’t breathe. He released his pressure and watched her pale limp body fall to the ground. Debra ran towards her, crying again only this time her tears were warm with anger, she felt like her tears were burning her cheeks. Eric squatted down to Megan again, her chest rising and falling as she desperately tried to control her breathing. “dirty little bitch, fuck you Megan”, he said looking her up and down. Debra watched in astonishment as she hovered above Megan’s limp body. “ I told him that I wouldn’t, I lied and I’m sorry” Megan said weakly, now lifting her self up her knees as Eric walked away. “Come here, baby, shhhh you’ll be alright, I love you, always remember I love you, Megan”, Debra said threw her sobs rocking Megan back and fourth until they both fell asleep in each others arms on the floor.
Debra opened her eyes, waking up, her eyes somewhat out of focus. She looked up at the white ceiling, suddenly remembering last nights events, But I fell asleep on the floor downstairs, didn’t I ? She thought to herself. She noticed a small white folded piece of paper, on her lap, she reached toward the paper opening up.
You and Megan fell asleep last night on the floor, I carried you both up and put you in your bed, Hope your feeling better!!, I’m really happy for you and Meg.


The boat had docked earlier that morning and they were back at home, Eric had stormed off the boat earlier this morning. Megan opened the door and quietly walked in , hoping that Debra wouldn’t notice her, Debra didn’t since she was faced the other way. Megan ran from the door into the bed startling Debra, Megan landed right on top of her. “ Morning baby”, Debra said as they rolled on the bed, kissing Megan softly. Debra rolled more forcefully making sure that she was on top, “ I love you” Megan she in her ear, as Debra leaned down kissing her neck. Megan moaned louder and louder at this action. Debra intertwined Megan’s finger with hers moving them slowly above Megan’s head. Debra kissed her mouth longer than before letting Megan’s tongue come into hers. Debra pulled out of the kiss, sucking on her lower lip, Megan moaned again. Debra slid her hands up Megan’s sexy body making sure she teased her a bit first. Megan’s nipples began to harden against Debra’s hands. Debra pushed the straps of her tank top down revealing Megan’s bare breasts. Debra loved her breasts they were perfect, big and voluptuous. Debra watched Megan’s face as she took her breasts and massaged them. Stlill doing this action, she leaned up to kiss Megan. Megan often broke the kiss seeping a moan into Debra’s mouth. Just then the phone rang. “This always happens to us, why me?” Debra said reaching off Megan to get the phone. Giving Megan a chance to catch her breath, “Hello?” Debra asked a bit annoyed, watching as Megan got up and pulled her tank top back up to her shoulders. “Miss Messing your breakfast is ready on the first floor.” a Mexican woman said into the phone, as Debra hung up. “Breakfast is ready”, Debra said walking toward Megan who standing at the door. “ I’m really sorry, Meg”, she said as the held hands again pressing their foreheads together. “You can fuck me later”, Megan whispered into Debra’s ear nibbling on her neck. She grabbed her hand as they walked into the elevator, going to breakfast.
TBC... if you liked it
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