lindsey_grissom (lindsey_grissom) wrote in wagfanfiction,

hi honey!


I know that this is a fanfiction community in and of itself, but I wanted to shamelessly plug my site and community!

site link is on profile page (though it's not that complete at the moment with fic missing etc.)

But anyway, it's a community support for the site, that will have open posting as soon as I have some fics up on the site. For now, its open membership, and if you are an author of Will & Grace (and since you've posted here you probably are), then comment that to the Welcome message and when you join, request posting access.

As I've said on the community, at the moment it's about up-dates for the site, and a place for Authors to ask any questions that they may have. However, should you prefer, you can just email me instead.

Eventually it will be open for fic recs, searches etc. and I will at some point ask for any actor/actress fics, but for now it is what it is.

Any way, hope to see you all there soon!

Luv ya

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