lindsey_grissom (lindsey_grissom) wrote in wagfanfiction,

Another New Fic: 'Behind Brown Eyes' - Good Enough (Part One)

So I don't know if this community's still alive, but I'm determined to get it up and kicking again!

Here's my newest contribution to the world of fanfiction. Part one of a longer fic, from Will's POV, on the changing of his and Karen's relationship/friendship from the 'A Gay Pumpkin Charlie Brown' episode.


Title: Behind Brown Eyes
Author: Lindsey Grissom
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Judging by the way Karen reacts when she finds out that Will won’t be representing her in her divorce against Stan; I thought that there must have been some more interaction between them throughout that series, so here’s my AU-ish take on that. Beginning with the episode that started it all…

Good Enough
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