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W&G Fanfiction Community


The Will & Grace Fanfiction Community
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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to the Will & Grace Fanfiction Community! This is a LiveJournal community for all W&G fanfiction.


All pairings of fanfiction are welcome in this community.

Cast fanfics are also allowed. Although I do find them to be a bit disrespectful, I am still guilty of reading them, so I will allow them here.

Slash fanfiction is allowed. Grace/Karen, Will/Jack, you name it.

Fanfiction that include sex are allowed. But I MUST ask you to warn people that there is sexual content in your fanfic incase some people don't appriciate things of that nature.

There will be no bashing of other peoples writings. If you don't like the persons fic, please refrain from commenting on it.

If you are posting a fic, PLEASE fill out this information at the begining of your post, so everyone knows what its about:

Title: The title of your fanfic.
Author: Your name/alias that you use.
Rating: The rating of your fanfic.

Ratings you can use:
"PG" - suitable for children to read.
"PG-13" - Some curse words, some violence, some sexual situations, but nothing graphic.
"R" - A lot of bad profanity, graphic sexual situations, graphic gore and/or explicit violence. Not suitable for anyone under legal age to read.
"NC-17" - EXTREMELY graphic violence, gore, and/or sexual situations. Not suitable for anyone under legal age to read.

Classification: What pairing of characters does your story revolve around? Will/Grace? Jack/Kare? Grace/Karen? Jack/Will? Karen/Will? Grace/Jack? I think I named most of them. But if yours is of a different pair, please name it. :) Oh, and if its about all four of them, just say so.
Spoilers?: If there are any spoilers from an episode in your fanfic, please name the episode or episodes.
Disclaimer: You know the drill, "I do not own any of these characters, NBC does."

Just incase your fanfic has any kind of spoilers in them, make sure you tell us so people who don't want to be spoiled of episodes they have not seen, won't get spoiled by reading your fic.

You must ALWAYS post your fanfic under a LJ cut. I don't care if a chapter is insanely short, it has to go under a cut. To use a LJ cut, all you have to do is use this simple code:

Please remove the *'s out of the code so it works correctly.

<*lj-cut text="Title of cut goes here"*>Put your text in here.